• Aug 20, 2021
  • By FPL Energy Services

Restaurants achieve budget stability with our fixed price option 

When you’re running a business, it helps to know your expenses from month to month so you can budget accordingly. But when it comes to natural gas, the market can sometimes be quite volatile and unpredictable. That’s why many of our restaurant customers have chosen our fixed price option for their natural gas supply

Here’s how a fixed price can help you 

  • Shields you from spikes or escalations in gas prices
  • Helps you predict costs and stay within budget 
  • Lets you focus on your business rather than the gas market 
  • Allows you to lock in your price for whatever time period works best for your type of business – from a month at a time up to 36 months 

Meet one of our restaurant customers 

At Hurricane Café, a popular restaurant located in Juno Beach, FL, business can be very seasonal. Our fixed price option helps them have a predictable natural gas bill during both the busy and slow times of year. 


  • Gain greater control of your energy budget with a fixed price for your desired term (up to 36 months). 
  • Protect your budget from market volatility by locking into a fixed price.  
  • Reduce risk and shield your energy budget and bottom line from price spikes or escalating natural gas rates. Under a fixed price contract, your total bill will still vary depending on the amount of gas you use, but the price per therm of natural gas will remain the same, regardless of how market prices may fluctuate. 
Expertise for your price solution 
In order to provide you with a competitive fixed price, our natural gas consultants take the time to fully understand your business and budget strategy. We’ll then assess your budget needs, tolerance for risk, energy consumption patterns, and current market conditions to provide a comprehensive recommendation tailored to meet your needs. 
Let FPLES customize a no-cost, no-obligation fixed price plan to meet your needs today. 
A natural gas consultant will be assigned to personally evaluate your current natural gas terms, free of charge, and show you how FPLES can make a visible difference in your natural gas supply services. 
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